**The HALBE Frames are now represented through UNIT. Besides the name, there will be no other changes. UNIT is part of the Gallery Sonja Roesch, Inc. and is also located at 2309 Caroline Street in Houston, Texas. The same staff will continue to provide you with the best service via email, phone, or in person to address all your framing needs. You can continue to reach us with the previous phone number and email, but please make note of our new contact information to stay up to date with UNIT and HALBE developments via our monthly email Newsletter.**


Its simply magnetic.

All in One
Frame, Backing, Hanging, Glass, and Storage Box
No Tools required
pre-assembled and ready to use without tools
Easy to Use
Front-load the Artwork
Go Green
easy to use, reuse, change or rotate the artwork on your own
all materials are acid-free to preserve your artwork.
Custom made as prefab
various profiles, types of glass, and color
Made in Germany
precise craftsmanship.

UNIT represents and only frames with HALBE. Not only a superior and award-winning designed product, HALBE also has a large line of picture framing products that can accommodate all taste preferences and budgets.